Hardware and software solutions for a reliable product traceability of pharmaceuticals

Even the most stringent safety Standards in the produciton ofmedicines cannot avoid product recalls. These must be carried out by manufacturers quickly and above all comprehensively. All the wholesalers, phamracies, physicians and patients who are affected habe to be reached - with certainly. Costly nationswide recalls are therefore the rule.

Identification of products with unambiguous Serial numbers and documentation of all Transaction data within the delivery chain enable full product traceability throughout the product cycle. Medicines from specific production periods and Batches can be localised. And targeted recalls become possible.

Our solution: co-ordinated hardware and software components for serialisation

We have developed a concept for serialisation which makes comprehensive data capture possible, with the aid of matched hardware and software components. In this way the delivery chains and sales channels of products can be mapped in an electronic 'family tree'. This means that the authenticity of each sales unit can be monitored and guaranteed right up to the end consumer. Traxeed Track & Trace solutions can be adapted to meet all legal requirements and country-specific regulatory systems.

Track & Trace solutions by Traxeed combine product handling with coding and verification of printed codes using proven Seidenader Vision Technology. With our Expert Line software products, the Line Controller and the Multi Line Manager, all legal requirements are met, worldwide.

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