Serialization requirements for the Russian market

This national protection system provides a number of special features for both producers and importers. Find out more in our news article.

Even if counterfeit medecines only occasionally enter regular drug distribution, they still pose an immense risk to patients. In order to better protect the legal supply chain from this risk, an IT-based protection system is currently being set up in Russia.

Government Regulation No. 792-r requires various product types to be serialised and tracked from manufacturer to consumer. Decree No. 1018 extends the pilot project for pharmaceuticals until the end of 2019. It formalizes the role of the CRPT (Center for Research in Perspective Technologies), as operator of the MDLP (Monitoring of Medical Preparates Movement), or Markirovka. For manufacturers within the Russian Federation, the CRPT provides an emissions register (black box). However, all foreign locations receive a distribution service via the "cloud".

In order to protect patients, pharmaceutical manufacturers label each package so that it can be precisely identified by an individual packaging number. This is done in plain text and in a data matrix code on the packaging. All assigned numbers are uploaded by the manufacturers into a protected CRPT database. Prior to delivery to the patient, each package number is scanned in the pharmacy, and checked for legitimacy in the database.

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