Popular Meeting Place for the Industry: Serialization Symposium Enters the Next Stage

Together, Arvato Systems and Traxeed invite the international pharmaceutical industry to the Bertelsmann representative office in Berlin on 12 and 13 November for the chance to share their knowledge with one another. The two-day event will focus on the successful implementation of global serialization requirements in light of the upcoming serialization regulations in Russia in 2020


For the seventh year in a row, around 200 representatives of international pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, health authorities, and representatives of national verification systems from around 20 countries will meet for the "7th Serialization Symposium" at the Bertelsmann representative office in Berlin on 12 and 13 November.

This year's presentations and workshops will focus on the global requirements of pharmaceutical packaging serialization, Russia's challenging regulations, and the exchange of experiences made in previous projects related to serialization. The event, titled "The Serialization Journey - Next Stages After Ignition," means for some international companies the beginning of a journey toward serialization and for others, a chance to enter the next stage.

There are various initiatives being planned or implemented worldwide in an effort to protect patients from counterfeit medications in the legal supply chain. As of 9 February 2019, prescription medicines may only be sold in Europe if every individual package can be verified as being unopened and bears an individual serial number. In Russia, the law on serializing medication with crypto coding entered into force on 1 January 2019. This stipulates that serialization will be mandatory by law starting on 1 January 2020. Similar initiatives are being planned and promoted in a number of other countries.

"The interest in our Serialization Symposium has once again grown this year. This shows us that our content and our network of know-how transmitters strikes the right chord within the international pharmaceutical industry," says Peter Koop, Vice President Healthcare at Arvato Systems. "Together with our partner Traxeed, we are pleased to once again be able to offer a unique platform for exciting discussions at a high level to a first-rate group of participants."

"The Serialization Symposium offers content like no other event in this field," adds Hermann Schäfer, Vice President at Traxeed. "As a partner of Arvato Systems, we are proud to host representatives of the international pharmaceutical industry to Berlin again this year."

The 7th Serialization Symposium, hosted by Arvato Systems and Traxeed, also receives the support of the following companies: Laetus GmbH, Jekson Vision, pester pac automation GmbH, Rondo AG, and Werum IT Solutions GmbH.

The first day of the event will conclude with an evening of networking where participants can explore the various topics of the day in a more relaxed atmosphere.