100 days of Traxeed: Serialization and Track & Trace solutions from a single source are well received in the market

The recently launched Traxeed brand bundles Track & Trace solutions, products and services of the Medipak Systems companies Seidenader Maschinenbau and Systec & Services. The possibility to implement serialization solutions from Level 1 to Level 5 from a single source was well received by the market. The first end-to-end Level 1 to Level 5 project is close to completion.

In June this year, Medipak Systems, Körber AG's Pharma Systems Business Area and leading provider of system solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, launched its new Traxeed brand. Since that time, Medipak Systems has been offering its customers integrated serialization solutions for the entire production process from Level 1 to Level 5. Within the first 100 days after the launch, an important Level 1 to Level 5 order was won and is currently being implemented by the Traxeed team.

Traxeed bundles all products, services and solutions related to Track & Trace and serialization of the Medipak Systems companies Seidenader Maschinenbau and Systec & Services. For this purpose, the responsible departments at Seidenader and Systec & Services were merged under a common brand name. Traxeed customers benefit from the comprehensive expertise of both specialists: Seidenader contributes its know-how in serialization and aggregation machines as well as the necessary software for Level 1 to Level 3. Systec & Services stands for many years of experience in the implementation of levels 1 to 5.

"We have successfully cooperated as partners in projects at levels 1 to 3 in the past," says Hermann Schäfer, Managing Director at Systec & Services GmbH and responsible for the Traxeed brand. "But within the new Traxeed operation, we can now offer individual services for our customers from a single source across all 5 levels."

The 'All-From-a-Single-Source' approach seems to be well received by the market. Within the first 100 days after the launch of the new brand, Traxeed received its first order for a complete Level 1 to Level 5 solution. A pharmaceutical company from Germany, mainly developing, manufacturing and filling sprays, decided to introduce a Level 1 to Level 5 serialization solution from Traxeed.

"We are delighted to be able to realize a first important Level 1 to 5 reference with this customer," says Martin Hirschbichler, Head of the Track&Trace Business Unit at Seidenader. "In the discussions with the customer, Traxeed's 'All-From-a-Single-Source' approach was an important topic and - in the end - a decisive criterion for the final decision.

In the weeks and months to come, Seidenader and Systec & Services will continue to work on positioning their integrated Track & Trace and serialization solutions in the market, and inform customers of their benefits. Specialized events, trade shows and symposia offer numerous opportunities for this; the Traxeed team will be participating extensively until the end of 2018 with exhibition areas, information stands and specialist presentations. An invitation to all events can be found here.